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A mug featuring the Central Perk logo is an essential for coffee lovers alike. You can also purchase a lunch box set for Joey and his pals. And don't forget the welcome mat! It would be a shame not to welcome your friends to your house in style with some of your new Central Perk merchandise!

The Central Perk coffee shop is a place where all of the main characters could hang out. Located in the Greenwich Village, the coffee shop is a frequent stop for the friends. It is just 97 steps away from Joey and Chandler's apartments. The furniture in Central Perk is consistent throughout the series. While the layout of the coffee shop is frequently changed, the couch and chairs are always the same.

NBC Store

NBC Store features unique and high-quality Friends TV show merchandise. In addition to the show's official merchandise, the store features products created by independent artists. Many of these products are printed on high-quality products, and the process is environmentally friendly. In addition, every purchase you make puts money in the hands of the artist.



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