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While his previous albums have received a positive reception from critics, his latest album The Sinister Urge received a mixed reception. While the album received critical praise, its sales fell short of his previous releases. However, it did hit the top ten in the United States and broke records in its first week. The album eventually sold over one million copies in the United States alone.

White Zombie

Rob Zombie Stickers out in 1985 on New York City's Lower East Side. The band was formed by Rob Zombie and Sean Yseult, who were both students at Parsons School of Design. Both were trained in classical music, having studied classical violin and ballet. However, their love of horror movies and blues improv led them to try out rock bands. They began recording their first 7'' in just 2 hours, for a total cost of $30, at a studio called the Batcave. The record was only pressed in 300 copies.

Ivan de Prume

Ivan de Prume is a heavy metal drummer. He became known for his music with the band White Zombie. He is also a producer. He has released three full-length albums and several EPs. He signed with Geffen Records. His band name is derived from his initials and the band's name.



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